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What's Inside The Most Capable Commercial Boats In The World?


Single Piece InfusionŽ. In SPI, vinylester resin is vacuum infused into our Penske XtremeŽ grid structures and the hull laminate in one step. By infusing them together, the resin in the grid cures at the exact same time as the resin in the laminate, making the entire hull bond as one. This process achieves a strength-to-weight ratio greater than on open-molded, polyester boats. SPI is used in Edgewater Commercial & Government Products starting with our Commercial 228 CC up to our Commercial 388 CC.

Single Piece Infusion significantly enhances the performance of our variable deadrise hulls and produces the handling, efficiency, and range that puts EdgeWater in a class all its own.

These "Proprietary Technologies" produce self-bailing boats with levels of strength, durability and flotation that are unparalleled. EdgeWater's focus on technological advancement and modern construction techniques has placed us well ahead of our competitors and continues to drive our customers satisfaction.

Roger Taylor

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